Scratch. Be Merry!

Test your luck this holiday season at The Shops at Park Lane.

Snag a holiday scratcher at select retailers registers starting Tuesday, December 14th till Saturday, December 18th for your chance to win a free gift cards.*

You’ll also have the chance to win a*$500 Grand Prize to spend at The Shops at Park Lane by entering in an additional giveaway. Entry details available on the scratcher. One email per entry.

All scratch off winners can redeem their winnings on Saturday, December 18th from 2PM-4PM CST at our Park Lane booth located next to our Christmas tree between Starbucks and CAVA.

*Terms and restrictions apply. Gift card retailers and amounts may vary. Most Park Lane retailers and restaurants participating. Scratch off winning no longer valid after 12/18/21 at 4:01PM CST.