5,600 reasons why you should visit Park Lane’s unconventional Christmas pop-up this holiday season!

The Shops at Park Lane has partnered with the “Note Art Bandits” to create a four-panel multicolored Santa inspired mural called “The Kringlez”. The artwork stands 10′ tall and uses 5,600 sticky notes and took 100 hours to create.

The artists, Kary Cooper and Shaun O’Keefe, are sticky note muralists. They use office supplies to create large pieces of art. What started out as an office prank on a friend’s window quickly became a hobby to express themselves. Each piece is original and crafted with nothing more than sticky notes and a pair of scissors. The artists abide by a few VERY strict rules; no marks from any kind of writing/painting utensils allowed, the colors are determined by the sticky notes they can find (no coloring white notes), and absolutely no adhesives of any kind. Each mural has gotten bigger and more complex.

“The Kringlez” is right next to our Christmas tree situated between Chipotle and Starbucks till December 31st. 




You can also enjoy live music the next three Saturdays from 12-4PM while visiting our pop art Santa. Here’s our lineup:

December 4 
Tyler Hook (@songnstyle)
Kelvin Thomas (@kelvinthomasmusic)

December 11
Elyse Jewel (@elysejewel)
Savannah Low (@savannahandthelows)

December 18
Elyse Jewel (@elysejewel)
Remy Reilly (@remyreilly)