Calling everyone we know in Dallas:

On April 22, we’ll be joining over one billion people around the world in celebrating Earth Day.

There’s a lot to celebrate. Since the event started in 1970, Earth Day has helped to raise awareness of environmental issues and paved the way for the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many other significant steps to protect our planet. It’s now a global movement with hundreds of countries committed to creating a better world for future generations.

The 2018 aim is to end plastic pollution. From damaging marine life and clogging up landfills to ruining our coastlines and even our bodies – plastic is a universal problem. The good news is that there’s a huge movement to fundamentally change our attitude and behavior towards plastics. If you want to join in, here are a few steps you can take on the day along with everyone here at The Shops at Park Lane.


Even small steps add up. See if you can have a zero plastic day by taking your own tote bag to the shops and fill your own water bottle when you’re out and about. The same thing goes for lunch and coffee – wherever possible, avoid excess packaging and plastics that are used once and then thrown away. Read the Earth Day toolkit to find out more about the issue, then use the Plastic Pollution Footprint Calculator (to find smart ways you can drop a shoe size or two).


There are certain things that are essential to life and other items that just make us happy – we’re certainly not suggesting that you give either of these up. The idea is to be more aware of what we consume and to consider investing in things that we are proud to own. That means you now have the green light to spend a bit more on that top you always wanted – providing it’s a better choice for the environment and will last you more than just a season.


Want to teach your kids about how food makes its way from farm to fork? Buying seasonal, local produce can help to cut back on unnecessary packaging and make a difference to your carbon footprint. Take a trip to our Whole Foods Market at Park Lane to stock up on fresh, colorful produce from local growers. Find out what’s in season and treat yourself to a gourmet coffee, freshly squeezed juice or any one of our 25 beers on tap while you’re there.


Trees are at the root of the climate change issue. The second leading cause of global warming, deforestation produces 24% of our global greenhouse gas emissions. Trees are also used to produce plastics and other packaging (such as paper and cardboard), so it’s always worth checking for recycled and sustainable options. If you want to plant your own tree here in Dallas, check out the Urban Tree Canopy Project and donate $1 to create more green space in our city.


Want to step it up this year? There are many ways that individuals, businesses and educators can ‘be the change’. From signing up to organize a local event to making a one-off donation (even if it’s the price of a cup of coffee), you can take action right now to help end plastic pollution on the run-up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020. Let’s make this one count.


Remember, Earth Day is also about COMMUNITY and HAVING FUN. Share your moments with us using the hashtag #EarthDay.