When life gives you lemons, squeeze them with both hands.

There was a house on the corner. Every weekend in the height of summer, one of the kids would set up a lemonade stand in the front yard. Their parents would help them bring out a wooden table, a handwritten sign, and a thirst-quenching batch of their grandmother’s secret recipe. They charged $2 a cup, and it was worth every cent. This house doesn’t need to exist – you probably had one in your neighborhood.

The point is, the lemonade stand is a classic stepping stone for young people. It’s a way to overcome shyness, learn how to talk to people, develop confidence and make some money on the side. They learn the basics of business, and they also get a formative memory for later on in life. On Lemonade Day at The Shops at Park Lane, Heart House 3rd – 5th grade students will take this one step further and gain useful knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and leadership outside of school.


In March, students raised $2,370 to set up their stands with help from generous funders and community partners (who also supplied training, printing services and branded goodies). They are currently dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s as they finish their business plans, recipes and marketing strategies before opening to the public on Saturday, May 5th from 10am – 4pm.

Friendly competition is the order of the day. The students will be split into six groups to sell delicious varieties of the timeless classic beverage. Stop by and see them between Zoës Kitchen & Starbucks (8020 Park Lane). All earnings will be awarded on a “spend some, save some, donate to charity” basis, presented at a Lemonade Day Awards Ceremony held at the end of May.


This exciting opportunity wouldn’t be possible without Heart House. Since 2000, the organization has been doing incredible work helping refugee and underprivileged children living in the low-income neighborhood of Vickery Meadow through programs like this. For more information about Heart House, visit www.hearthousedallas.org.