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Have A “Treat YOURSELF” Weekend!

There’s no better feeling in the world than treating yourself to all the things. Now—we don’t just mean heading to Francesca’s to snag cute summer clothes or engaging in a bit of retail therapy this weekend—but taking care of your mind, body and soul too. Whether it’s escaping from work life and heading straight for one of the Dallas hiking trails or taking a fun workout class at Studio 6 Fitness just to change up your daily routine, planning a “Treat Yourself” weekend should be all about YOU.

Treating YOU and taking care of your whole self is easy as pie when your one-stop shop is The Shops at Park Lane.

Working on Our Fitness

Shake things up and take a few classes at Studio 6 Fitness that incorporate elements of Pilates, Barre, and Yoga into a totally amped up, cardio intense workout (cool socks not included but totally up for purchase at Studio 6 Fitness.) The workout takes the best parts of Yoga, Pilates, and Barre to create a workout that keeps your heart rate elevated and keeps you in the fat burning zone.

Studio 6 Fitness       

Summer Escape

Say yes to a mini vacation and head outdoors for a day of hiking, camping, kayaking, or any other fun activity you like to do. Take care of your mental health by seeking some peace and quiet out in nature with a close group of friends or by yourself! Don’t forget to fill your Eddie Bauer backpack with snacks and treats for your weekend adventure! Also, staying hydrated isn’t just good for your skin—if you’re camping out in this Texas summer, you’ll be thankful you brought a bottle to keep the H20 flowing.

Eddie Bauer


Everything Designer

UV rays to your eyes are just as bad for you as UV rays to the skin! TREAT YOURSELF to some designer sunnies by Tom Ford at Carlens Luxury Optical that will not only look absolutely stunning on you, but protect you from harmful sunrays —knocking out two birds with one stone. Nothing says “Treat Yourself” like taking care of your pretty peepers while rocking some Tom Fords.

Carlens Luxury Optical

It’s Spa Time

 If you haven’t heard about The Derm Lounge, it’s about time you learn about all the amazing services they offer to take the utmost care of your skin. Whether you want to keep a youthful appearance, or you want to treat yourself to organic facials, The Derm Lounge’s wonderful staff of clinically trained aestheticians can personalize your experience and ensure that you’re receiving the treatment that best suits your needs.  Our favorite facial: the Deep Cleanse. This deep cleanse uses all natural cranberry exfoliators that help remove any impurities in the skin while relieving pore congestion—did we mention it’s perfect for ALL skin types?

The Derm Lounge


Posted by Christina Garcia at 11:48 AM
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